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11402738_1464129150551737_4378833676754631957_n[1]About Us

Mission: Anchors Bath & Body LLC Mission is to create bath and body products that compliment every skin type without irritation and is also affordable with all natural ingredients.


Anchors Bath & Body LLC was created by Angenett Curry through frustration of finding soaps and lotions that did not irritate her skin.  From trying many quality store brand soaps and lotions, to ordering special products online, to even seeking help from skin care specialists; nothing worked for her specific skin type.  After countless hours of internet research, visiting organic markets, and numerable phone conversations, Angenett decided to venture into making her own bath and body products.  The business was initiated by a host of family and friends that tested samples and loved it so much that they convinced Angenett that she needed to market her products.  All products are handmade with love, carefully cured for six weeks to ensure all skin loving ingredients are perfect for any skin type, personally tested by Angenett, family and friends, and individually package by Angenett herself.  All products are made without parabens and formaldehyde which contains dangerous chemicals that may cause skin irritation, broken skin rashes, eczema, and cancer.  We hope that you enjoy using the product as much as we enjoy making it.  It is our goal to promote a healthy lifestyle by making healthy choices when purchasing your bath and body products.


Thank you and have a blessed day!!

We do however accept donations to help offset the cost of running a small business. Your donation is kindly appreciated and will be used to purchase supplies and worn out equipment. It is our duty to provide you with the best ingredients while striving to offer our products at reasonable prices. Sometimes this may create a hardship with the company, so please feel free to offer a donation below to help make sure our products stay at competitive prices.


Angenett Curry @ Anchors



By the way, we also specialize in making custom skincare products, gift baskets, gift boxes, gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and more.  Call us today at (662)260-1932 or email us at anchorsbathandbody1@gmail.com about our discounts on bulk orders.